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Signature Healthcare of Brookwood Gardens Outreach

03.11.17 | Outreach | by Janeen Jones

Signature Healthcare of Brookwood Gardens Outreach

    The Refuge Church Miami is intentional about serving our local community. Signature Healthcare of Brookwood Gardens Nursing Home is located a few miles away from Refuge in Homestead, FL.


    On behalf of the church, our Director of Outreach, Sister Janeen Jones reached out to Brookwood's Activities Director, Mr. Robert Salvador to create a partnership. When asked how we could be a blessing to the seniors,  Mr. Salvador explained that their 95 residents were in most need of blankets and socks.  Our team lead, Sister Serbrina Hudson lead the effort of researching and purchasing these items.  Sister Janeen and Serbrina planned a day of outreach, which was attending by over 20 partner volunteers. Our volunteers assembled with love, all 95 plus blankets and socks to be delivered to Brookwood Gardens.




    Upon arrival, we took the time to minister to the seniors individually and in groups while providing them with our gifts. As a Church body, Refuge was well received and invited to come back whenever we wanted and how often we wanted. Our volunteers felt just as blessed serving our senior. As Pastor Upton said, "There are times when our outreach is to evangelize and there are times when it's just to love on people. This outreach was Refuge loving on our seniors". This outreach to Brookwood Gardens Nursing Home has set the foundation of a fruitful partnership for years to come.