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Introduction to Week 1 - Built for Kingdom Identity

Posted by Jeremy Upton on

We are built for Kingdom identity.

In order to tap into this truth, however, we must start with reaffirming our identity in Him. We were built for relationship with the Triune God. And it is from that relationship of mutual mystic indwelling (us in Him and Him in us) that our new, true identity is formed. We were built for more than just whatever biological or social restrictions we face; we are built to be a reflection and a fulfillment of our relationship with God!

We’re asking for everyone to commit to (& communicate to the church by emailing   or texting 305-257-8780) an hour a day for prayer, study, & reflection.

During your hour, we ask that you practice the discipline of our four R’s:

 Read - read & re-read the Scripture(s) for the day at least twice

 Reflect - spend some time thinking about how the Scripture applies to what is happening to you or in your environment. 

 Write - Write down anything that stands out as important in your journal. Write down any prayer requests that come to mind out of your reflection time

 Request - spend some time praying specifically about those things that stood out to you from your time of reading, reflecting, and writing. Spend time interceding on the behalf of the church’s building search, leaders, volunteers, and specific Partners & their needs that come to mind.

Additionally, we'll be sending out daily text reminders with scriptures. If you're not already receiving texts from the church, you can subscribe by clicking here.

Do you have questions about the fast?

You can email them to us here at , or join us for Bible Study on FB Live or refugemiami.churchonline.org on Wednesday at 7:30pm & ask there.

You can also check out our Fasting Guide with FAQs here.

God bless,


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