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2018 Corporate Fast

Posted by Refuge News on

Refuge, we've almost made it through another year!

In just over a week, we'll be consecrating 2018 with a corporate fast. This year, we're going to make it personal so that you can go deeper. Before we fast, you'll want to determine what you're fasting for. Some examples include:

  • Spiritual warfare and victory over demonic oppression
  • Social justice and righteousness 
  • Guidance, protection, and hearing God's voice
  • Revelation/illumination
  • Courage, obedience, and wisdom
  • Physical healing
  • Deliverance from addictive behaviors and habits
  • Financial breakthrough and provision
  • Revival and salvation for the lost

Here are the Corporate Fast Details:

  • We'll begin on January 7th at 12:01 AM. 
  • The first three days (through January 10th at 12:01 AM) will be a complete fast (liquids only).
  • We'll do the Daniel Fast for the remainder of the fast (fruits, vegetables, and water)
  • The fast will end when the clock strikes midnight on the evening of January 27th. 

A full fasting guide, along with a Consecration Covenant Agreement can be viewed and downloaded. We would like to encourage you to bring your completed agreement to one of our worship experiences on Sunday January 7th.

In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you on Sunday morning. Don't forget that we'll bring in the new year by Pressing into His Presence at Watchnight beginning at 10:00 PM on Sunday as well!